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1999 - 2000 Design Services for Eco-tourism Attraction at the Singapore Zoological Gardens

The Singapore Zoological Gardens was first opened in 1973 operating on a land area of 26 hectares. The Zoo, together with the Night Safari were one of the tourist hotspots in Singapore and soon gained recognition as being one of the most beautiful wildlife park in the world.

In year 1999-2000, the Singapore Zoological Garden engaged Enviro Pro as a biodiversity enrichment specialist, tasked with brainstorming features to improve eco-tourism attraction.

Enviro Pro provided detailed construction drawings and design of a rainforest canopy bridge and a constructed wetland system. Enviro Pro was further tasked to install a test canopy walkway in the Singapore Night Safari.

Key Designs Concepts

Rainforest Canopy Walkway Bridge (Trial) – Provides visitors with a panoramic view of the zoo, closer interactions with animals and a tinge of adventurousness.

Constructed Wetland System – Provides treatment of stormwater and recycling of animal husbandry wastewater.

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