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Enviro Pro Green Innovations is a Singapore-headquartered environmental consultancy and design firm with more than 22 years of professional experience and presence in the Asia-Pacific Region. Currently, Enviro Pro’s business activities are focused on: 

⦁    Environmental Safeguards, Social, Biodiversity and Climate Change Impact Assessment and Impact Management (i.e. adaptation and climate proofing measures) and Impact Monitoring, supported by state-of-the-art analytical and modelling tools (i.e. proprietary Environmental Sensitivity Mapping (ESM) and Geographic Information Systems [GIS].

⦁    Environmental Design for Water Resources, applying innovative Green Infrastructure solutions in the context of sustainable water management for residential and commercial developments.

Our environmental consultancy experience includes undertaking the full range of environmental and social safeguard assessments (EIA, ESIA, ESMS, ESMF, ESMP) to international funding institutional standards (i.e. WB, IFC and ADB), due diligence audits, air, noise, soil and water quality/hydrologic ambient assessments, environmental and biodiversity baseline and climate change impact assessments (BIA, CCA). 

Enviro Pro's green infrastructure design philosophy is to study and mimic natural ecological processes and apply them as resource-saving solutions with high ecological integrity. At present, Enviro Pro is pioneering the application of ‘bio-engineering’ solutions to address sustainable water and ecological urban design needs. Additionally, Enviro Pro are experts in the design of sustainable water management solutions such as bio-retention swales and cleansing biotopes.

Enviro Pro is accredited with the Singapore National Environmental Agency (NEA) to conduct Pollution Control Studies (PCS) and the Hong Kong SAR Environmental Protection Department for EIA services. We are also subscribed to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Consultant Database, with numerous environmental and climate assessment jobs carried out for International Financial Institutions (IFI).




Q: Why did you start Enviro Pro?

Carsten Huttche: I am passionate about the natural environment and I wanted to work with nature. Hence, I started Enviro Pro in 1998, after having worked as a consultant for several years in Southeast Asia. I wanted to lead and be able to initiate my own environmental projects and come up with sustainable solutions that help to safeguard the environment in this region.

Q: What motivates you to keep going with Enviro Pro?

Carsten Huttche: There are still a lot of areas where we need to come up with more innovative green solutions, in particular with climate change threatening the natural as well as built environment. At Enviro Pro, we are aware that “We’re the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it”, so that is a clear driver and motivator for Enviro Pro to continue contributing to a more sustainable future.

Q: What sets Enviro Pro apart from your competitors?

Carsten Huttche: In the environmental industry, there are consultants that design projects that can solve environmental problems. On the other hand, there are also suppliers or manufacturers that produce products that the environmental industry needs. As planners, designers and builders, Enviro Pro is unique as we work in both sectors so we understand how both components work. This provides Enviro Pro with a great depth of knowledge, as our planning and design work is driven by what we know can work based on our built experience. We have access to an extensive network of specialist solution providers that we can tap into, when we are developing a certain nature-based design solution.

Q: What are your goals for the future of Enviro Pro?

Carsten Huttche: Enviro Pro aims to contribute to a more sustainable and climate resilient environment in Singapore and the region. As a small group of companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, we need to link up with more like-minded individuals and businesses to develop better solutions and up-scale those that work well with the help of others. This is a challenge for small businesses, but then again SMEs are often better placed in developing innovative solutions as they are generally more flexible.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are entering the environmental consultancy industry?

Carsten Huttche: I think people who enter this field have to understand that there are many drivers in the real world. There will always be some who just look for short-term profits and not long-term sustainability, even in the environmental industry. Another observation I made is that people often will talk about a greener environment, but take no real actions, because real actions will cost real money, even if they show significant environmental and climate benefits. These challenges are daunting at times, and it takes a lot of perseverance, steadfastness and dedication in order to achieve a positive outcome for the environment at the end. But this will not stop us from trying harder. We owe this to the future generations and nature as a whole.

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