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Our Team

Carsten Hüttche

M. Sc. Biology (Tropical Ecology)


Carsten is a Senior Technical Advisor for environmental and social safeguards, sustainable drainage systems, climate change resilience and soil bio-engineering with 27 years of professional experience. He graduated in 1994 from the Freie Universitaet  Berlin (FU Berlin) with a Master of Science in Biology. Carsten has worked in South-East Asia continuously since 1994 and is based in Singapore, where he founded Environmental Professionals (Enviro Pro) and Enviro Pro Green Innovations (S) Pte Ltd, a member of a regional group of companies under the Enviro Pro brand, headquartered in Singapore. He is currently the Director and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) at Enviro Pro's companies.
Carsten has worked closely with International Financial Institutions such as ADB and the World Bank and Singapore and Malaysian government agencies such as National Parks Board, Public Utilities Board and Federal Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (JPS) In Malaysia.

Besides managing the companies, Carsten provides specialist technical advice on a range of environmental topics, including safeguards, applied bio-engineering solutions and sustainable drainage designs. Under his leadership, Enviro Pro has consulted for, designed and/or built a number of award-winning sustainable drainage and other environmental and climate change resilience projects in South-East Asia. 

Click here to view Carsten's CV. 

Virza Sasmitawidjaja

Virza has over 25 years of professional experience providing technical assistance in natural resource and environmental economics with economic modelling with environment parameters, environmental management, climate change, development planning, finance, policy, project management, and environmental safeguards. Virza is highly experienced in curriculum development and provides training in participatory sustainable NRM planning and a decentralization policy course for broad natural resources constituencies, as well as in natural resource and environmental economics.


Virza is also currently a Senior Environmental Policy and Safeguards Specialist at The World Bank Indonesia, where he has done various projects on infrastructures and climate change.

Click here to view Virza's CV.

M. Sc. Business Strategy &

Environmental Management

Senior Environmental Safeguards Advisor

Our Associates

Anuj headshot_white.png
Dr. Anuj Jain

Ecologist and Biomimicry Specialist

Anuj is an ecologist and biomimicry specialist who is passionate about creating designs for the built environment that are good for people, species and ecosystems. His expertise includes ecological and conservation master planning, designing fauna themed landscapes, ecosystem service assessments and developing biomimetic designs particularly in the tropical environment. Anuj has advised and developed several butterfly gardens. Probably the most well-known of these was the Butterfly Trail @ Orchard by the Nature Society (Singapore) which was dubbed as the world’s longest open concept butterfly trail.

Anuj has been recognized as a National Geographic Explorer for his expertise in delivering real-life conservation through local partners in Southeast Asia and as the Cities of Love Environmental Sustainability Award Winner for integrating nature, people and design. ​He is the Founding Director at bioSEA Pte Ltd. and Biomimicry Singapore Network.

ongtoonlian_profilepicture - Copy.png
Ong Toon Lian

B. Eng (Civil)

Professional Engineer (Civil)/

ABC Waters Professional

Ong Toon Lian was previously a Project Director in Building Quality Group handling upgrading projects for Housing and Development Board (HDB). His other notable portfolio in HDB was Head of Safety Unit and Head of Construction Control Unit, amassing many years of experience in design-construction related activities. 

He is also a trained Workplace Safety & Health Officer and a Work-At-Height (WAH) Train-The-Trainer. He is also a certified fall arrest systems designer and has carried out many WAH consultations. He is appointed as the Industrial Rope Access Technical Advisor of Singapore Rope Access Association Limited (SRAA). 

He is also a registered Professional Engineer (Civil Engineering), a registered QECP (Qualified Erosion Control Professional) and a registered ABC (Active Beautiful Clean) Waters Professional. He is also a member of Singapore Structural Steel Society – StEr/StS and specializes in the design safety aspects of steel structures and connections. 

Click here to view Toon Lian's CV.

paul lim.JPG
Paul Lim Gim Seng

M. Eng (Fire Engineering)

Professional Engineer (M&E)

Er. Paul Lim Gim Seng is the founder and Senior Director of Gims & Associates Pte Ltd, starting the company in 1993.

Lim graduated with a Bachelor degree in Engineering from the University of South Australia and Master degree in Fire Engineering from University of Western Sydney. He is a registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical) with the Professional Engineers Board and is a qualified Fire Safety Engineer. He is also registered with The Institution of Engineers Singapore as a Singapore Certified Energy Manager and is a certified Green Mark Professional, Green Mark Facilities Professional, Certified Data Center Professional and Certified Data Center Specialist too.

Gims & Associates Pte Ltd is ISO 9001 and 14000 certified and is presently registered with the Building and Construction Authority, Singapore as a Public Sector Panel of Consultant. As one of the firms listed in this panel, they provide consultancy services for public sector building and construction projects.


In addition, Gims & Associates Pte Ltd is registered with the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) as a Corporate Member and are a certified provider for Green Mark consultancy services.

Nicholas Robert Baker

B.Sc. Geology

Nicholas is a professional geologist and an expert in local and regional vertebrate groups, particularly knowledgeable in local mammals and herpetofauna, with over 20 years volunteering experience in conducting wildlife surveys in Singapore including Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong. Nicholas has worked with different consultancies in Singapore to undertake fauna assessment for various Biodiversity Impact Assessment. He is an expert in camera trapping, acoustic bat surveys and bat roost search.

Nicholas has served as a coastal biodiversity specialist for comprehensive biodiversity survey at Pulau Ubin. He is also actively involved in conducting faunal surveys in Singapore, having became an NParks Nature Warden since 2014.

Click here to view Nicholas' CV.

Associate Mammals, Amphibians & Reptiles Specialist

Anthony (Tony) O’Dempsey

B. A. Sc. (Surveying)

Tony holds a Degree in Land Surveying and Diploma in Cartography at Queensland University of Technology. Tony has worked on various rural cadastral and engineering projects in remote areas of North Queensland for several years before joining the Queensland Forestry Department survey & Survey and Mapping branch, undertaking mapping and aerial photography projects for native forests and exotic pine plantations. 

Now semi-retired, Tony currently works as a freelance environmental consultant, drawing on 25 years of Southeast Asia experience as a conservationist with keen interest in flora and forest habitat. He has mainly worked on flora baseline studies, and in addition, has undertaken high level review and supervisory assignments for environmental aspects of large projects such as Cross Island Line and PUB Solar Panels project. Tony is active in government engagement processes for land development and is often called upon to talk on environmental issues at NUS. 

Click here to view Tony's CV.

Associate Terrestrial Flora Specialist

Dr. Lahiru Suranga Wijedasa

PhD Conservation Biology/Land Use Policy,

M. Sc. (Botany & Taxonomy), B. Sc. (Life Sciences)

Dr. Lahiru is a freelance consultant who set up ConservationLinks Pvt Ltd in 2015. He completed his BSc at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2006. He was previously the Senior Arborist at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the National Parks Board between 2006 and 2013. During this time, he also received the Ministry of National Development graduate fellowship to study for a MSc (Plant Taxonomy) at the University of Edinburgh/Royal Botanic Gardens. He later received the Lady McNiece graduate fellowship to carry out his PhD, which he completed in March 2020 at NUS. 

He has worked on biodiversity, agriculture, land use and policy in South and Southeast Asia since 2004 within government and in NGOs, as a research scientist and a consultant to companies, identifying and developing management plans for biodiversity and vegetation to be conserved/restored prior to, during and sometimes after development. His experience includes describing six species of trees and two species of shrubs new to science, vegetation studies, remote sensing and policies related to agriculture and conservation, resulting in over 28 scientific and policy publications on top tier scientific journals and one book.

Click here to view Lahiru's CV.

Associate Botanist/Arborist Specialist

Lim Kim Seng

M. Sc. (Environmental Management)

Associate Bird Specialist

Kim Seng is a dedicated Environmental Conservationist and Educator with over four decades of experience in Environmental Education, Appreciation and Conservation. He is presently a part-time lecturer at Republic Polytechnic in the School of Sports, Health and Leisure and a freelance nature tour guide and environmental consultant. 

He has detailed working knowledge on the formulation of conservation proposals for sites of biodiversity conservation importance - Senoko, Sungei Buloh, Sungei Khatib Bangsu, Panti Forest Reserve (Malaysia) and Pulau Ubin. He has been leading nature trips for Nature Society (Singapore) since 1979 and has coordinated and participated in bird censuses and bird races since 1984. He also coordinated bird watching courses for Nature Society (Singapore) since 2003. 

Click here​ to view Kim Seng's CV.

Bian Tan

M. Sc. (Botany - Taxonomy & Systematics),

B. Sc. (Horticulture)

Bian has over twenty years of experience in plant diversity conservation, environmental education, and capacity-building. This includes six years of experience in Southeast Asia, implementing programs for Botanic Gardens Conservation International (a plant conservation NGO) and fifteen years of experience in the U.S.A., networking and implementing conservation programs with the North American botanic gardens community. The countries he has worked in include: Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, UK, USA, and Vietnam. 

Presently, Bian works as a consultant in Plant Conservation, having worked as a master plan consultant for past projects. 

Click here to view Bian's CV.

Associate Flora Specialist

Tang Yih Benel

M. Sc. (Environmental Management),

B. SocSci. (Sociology)

Benel attained his bachelor degree in Sociology in 2009 at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He also attained a Masters of Science in Environmental Management in 2020 at NUS. 

Benel has held various club memberships and positions, such as being a member of the Singapore Betta Club from 2001 – 2009, member of the International Betta Congress from 2005 – 2006 and an instructor for the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Night Safari Volunteer Rangers from 2006 – 2007. He was also a docent with the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Zoo Docents (African Adventure) from 2007 – 2013, taking on the role of Station Head (2009 – 2011) and Instructor (2010 – 2011). He was also awarded the Best Docent Award (African Adventure) in 2011, for his significant contributions. 

Presently, Benel conducts environmental surveys (freelance), through the sampling of aquatic wildlife.

Click here to view Benel's CV.

Associate Freshwater Fauna Specialist

Simon Chan

B. Sc. (Economics)

Simon graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore in 1985. After which, he also completed a NCC Diploma in Computer Studies from the National Computing Centre, U.K. as well as a BCS/NCC Certiicate in Systems Analysis and Design. He also completed the Project Management Professional Course from the PM Institute US.


He has great familiarity with flora and fauna, especially butterflies, moths, dragonflies and fish. He also has stellar communication, management, planning and supervisory skills. Simon is also assertive in environmental issues, specifically conservation. He is actively involved in the field of biodiversity studies, providing butterfly experience consultancy services. 

Click here to view Simon's CV.

Associate Butterfly Specialist

Tang harbours a love for dragonfly watching and is a passionate photographer. Combining both his passions, he wrote and compiled a book "A photographic guide to the dragonflies of Singapore" with co-authors Wang Luan Keng and Matti Hämäläinen, published by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research in 2010. He also enjoys observing the behaviour of dragonflies and insects and even capturing the on video recordings. He is currently exploring farming using natural farming methods.

Click here to view Tang's CV.

Tang Hung Bun

Associate Odonate Specialist

Jeffrey is an environmental scientist, ecologist and engineer with a B.Sc. honours (1st Class) and Ph.D. in Ecology & Environmental Science from the United Kingdom, with his Ph.D. sponsored by the UK Water research Centre. He has over 20 years of post-doctorate work experience in the private, government, and academic sectors. He has had professional resident experiences in Singapore (14 years), United Kingdom (3 years), Hong Kong (4 years), USA (2 years), and the Middle East (3 years) in water quality, environmental impact assessment, sustainable development and climate change.

Dr. Jeffrey Obbard

Sustainability & Climate Change Specialist

James Berdach

James T. Berdach is an international consultant with over 20 years of experience in the formulation, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of natural resources and environment related development projects. Mr. Berdach has worked in the capacity of project manager/team leader and technical specialist, and has experience on projects involving biodiversity conservation; the management of coastal/marine resources, forest lands and watersheds; protected area planning and management; environmental policy; environmental safeguards and environmental assessment; climate change; ecotourism planning; and environmental awareness-raising, training, and capacity-building. His applied technical knowledge is based on a strong foundation of academic training and field studies in the biological and botanical sciences. His extensive international experience has facilitated the successful completion of challenging assignments within a variety of cultural settings, each with its own unique constraints and opportunities.

Coastal Resource Management Specialist

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