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2020 - Present Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for MOE Rifle Range Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre (RROALC)

Enviro Pro was awarded a project by Interconsultants to conduct an environmental impact assessment for the construction of the proposed Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre for school going kids. The new MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre is situated at Rifle Range Road with a total study area of approximately 6 hectares (including the site of 3.1 hectares), taking into account the potentially affected surrounding sensitive areas.

Following the environmental consultation process, an environmental impact assessment will be conducted to collect environmental baseline data and assess if the project may cause significant pollution or harmful changes to the terrestrial environment of the site and other sensitive receptors. The study will provide an environmental management and monitoring program to mitigate any adverse environmental impacts. This includes ABC Waters and ecological restoration designs.

Key Study Methods:

- Form A/ B Submission, environmental assessment consultation with key stakeholders.

- Environmental Impact Assessment:
- Fixed Position Camera Trapping –18 camera traps will be installed for a period of 10 months. Camera traps maintenance and data analysis are performed every two weeks.
- Active Transect Survey –6 taxa groups of fauna will be surveyed for a total of 115 transect survey days by 5
individual surveyors.
- Belt Transect Surveys –Flora will be surveyed using belt transects by an experienced plant surveyor.

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