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2011 Feasibility Study of the Rehabilitation and Maintenance of District Roads in Timor Leste

Timor Leste

The project involved the delivering of full complete documentation to allow for a sound implementation of the envisaged rehabilitation/upgrading of around 150 km of selected district roads.

Enviro Pro provided an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for 150km of district roads, including the identification of significant environmental impacts from project activities based on a desktop environmental sensitive area analysis (ESM) and ground assessment data. This project also involved developing a set of site-specific impact mitigation measures for the project, including recommendations for capacity building, disclosure of information and EMP budget.

Enviro Pro also developed a methodology to assess risks of slope failures and recommended suitable bio-engineering measures as non-engineering climate change adaptation measures. Finally, we also provided detailed particular specifications for bio-engineering measures for tender documentation.

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