2015 Biodiversity Impact Assessment Around Proposed Upgrading Works at Chestnut Avenue Waterworks

Chestnut Avenue Waterworks (CAWW) is one of the largest drinking water plants in Singapore. Due to its close proximity with a nature reserve (Chestnut Nature Park), any upgrade development or construction activities could potentially lead to a direct or indirect impact to the environment. Thus, an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was needed for this development project.


Enviro Pro was involved in conducting the Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA) as part of the EIS for the upgrading works such as the erection of an ammonium sulphate dosing plant and underground water pipeline system at CAWW. This BIA aimed to identify habitats and species relevant for biodiversity conservation in the study area and to minimise potential adverse impacts in remaining environmentally sensitive areas.

By incorporating data obtained from the latest survey and previous BIA of Chestnut Nature Park done by Enviro Pro, an overall map of key biodiversity records were made and “hotspots” for biodiversity were identified. The proposed upgrading works should have minimal environmental impact, especially the identified areas.

The following works were done:

  • Belt Transects for Flora Inventory
  • Active Transect Survey for Fauna Inventory

Sunda Pangolin (Manis javanica) 2
Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) - Main Biking Trail

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