2001 Project Identification Mission for Natural Resources Planning and Management Project

East Kalimantan, Indonesia

The European Commission (EC) Representation in Indonesia commissioned a project identification mission to Indonesia to identify an EC-Indonesia co-operation project in the field of natural resources planning and management in East Kalimantan.

Enviro Pro developed a Regency (Kabupaten) based capacity building project, aiming to strengthen the regional agencies involved in natural resources planning and management in the context of regional autonomy, and also the following:

  • A stakeholder analysis was conducted in Berau and Bulungan Regencies.

  • The evaluation of the EC funded Berau Forest Management Project.

  • A focus of the proposed project was to foster transparency in decision-making and the involvement of civil society in the process.

  • Stakeholder meetings were conducted in Jakarta and in Brussels

East Kalimantan 3
East Kalimantan 4

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