2017 Development of Zonal Framework and Accompanying Directives and Guidance for Sustainable Tourism

Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

Situated on the southern part of Myanmar, the Tanintharyi Region is home to some amazing, pristine natural coastlines and wilderness areas. Apart for its extensive mangrove forests, the region also consists of seagrass beds, mudflat regions, large and rare avifauna and dense coral reefs. With the travel industry shifting its interest towards environmentally-sensitive areas and experience with nature, Tanintharyi has immense potential to become next must-see beach destination in the Southeast Asia.

Although the tourism sector in Tanintharyi Region is gradually flourishing, challenges remain for the Myanmar Government due to lack of existing infrastructures to facilitate for the tourism development. Furthermore, uncontrolled tourism development can lead to overcrowding and cause adverse impacts on the environment. Hence, this guideline is developed to identify the different approaches to assist and guide development with an eye for environmental preservation. This is necessary for the long term tourism growth and environmental viability of the area - knowing that well-managed tourist destinations will attract more visitors.

Enviro Pro developed a set of sustainable tourism guidelines for Tourism Developers, Tours Operators and Visitors with Best Management Practices to avoid unnecessary environmental and social impacts associated with tourism development. The guidelines were separated into different Development Zones, specifically Core Conservation Zone, Limited Development Zone and Full Development Zone based on the areas’ biodiversity value and current state of development.


The guidelines addressed the challenges faced in the tourism sector in Tanintharyi Region before they further exacerbated and inflicted irreversible adverse impacts on the fragile ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves, beaches and forests, which locals and the tourism industry depend on.

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