2015 - 2018 Public-Private Partnership Support Project (P3SP)


Enviro Pro supported the PPP Office at the Ministry of Planning and Investment on the proposal and appraisal processes for PPP in Vietnam.

The scope of work for this project included:

  • Supporting the PPP Office in establishing standard procedures for environmental screening and assessment of PPP projects during preparation and approval, and environmental monitoring during implementation procurement,

  • Reviewing and if needed, developing of national environmental sustainability policy for PPPs in Vietnam in line with international best practice,

  • Developing program and modules and deliver targeted trainings to PPP Office and ASAs on compliance and application of environmental sustainability analysis in PPP projects at critical project cycle phases,

  • Advising and supporting the PPP Office and ASAs on environmental sustainability aspects of the PPP infrastructure projects proposed for and supported by PDF through the: (i) review of proposed PPP projects’ overall soundness of environmental sustainability and risk mitigation at submission for PDF support, (ii) review of TORs of the PDF consultants to ensure adequate coverage of environmental issues, and (iii) comprehensive and constructive review of outputs produced by the consultants funded by PDF to ensure adequate mainstreaming of environmental sustainability issues in the PPP projects under preparation.

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