2001 Ecological and Social Examination for JTC Wafer Fab Parks in Singapore

Enviro Pro was involved in the following for this project:

  • Site inspections were conducted for the identification and documentation of ecological and social impact issues at three wafer fab parks in Singapore for the developer JTC.

  • The three sites are located in Woodlands, Tampines (North and South) and Pasir Ris.

  • Literature and data research on identified impact issues followed.

  • Predictions on ecological and social impacts and impact boundaries were made based on available data.

  • Recommendations for the Environmental Management Plan for the three sites were presented for inclusion in Environmental Impact Assessment Statement.

  • Assessment of the ecological impacts of wafer fabrication discharge in several catchments in Singapore.

Photo credits:

JTC Corporation

Weng Soon

JTC Wafer Fab Park
JTC Wafer Fab Park 3

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