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2010 - 2011 Reservoir Embankment Re-greening Works at Marina Reservoir

Urban greenery is being emphasized to enhance and improve the aesthetic value of Singapore Island. A pilot re-greening project was implemented at the Marina reservoir embankment, near the Singapore flyer. An area of 170 square meters of rock-concrete embankment was covered by carefully selected plant species, grown in the soil structurally supported by Bestmann Green System (BGS) wool fascines system. The system functions as a water and soil retention system, providing 120 mm of planting substrate.

Enviro Pro was involved in the design and build of the wool fascine system. The wool fascine is a 100% biodegradable natural product, based on sheep’s wool. It is able to support the moisture and nutrients to promote the establishment of vegetation. The system managed to soften the edge as well as assist in erosion control and water retention of the area.

​Key design concepts:

​Wool fascine system - A geotextile was laid at the bottom and steel stakes were used to fix the geotextile . The wool fascines were laid around the steel-stakes to form a geo-cell. The geocell was then filled with top soil and covered with a coir webbing.

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