2013 - 2014 Sustainable Drainage & Bio-Engineering Consultancy for Pos Sigar Integrated Development Project

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

With reference to the master plan, Pos Sigar, in the mountainous terrain of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, was planned to be developed into an integrated and environmentally sensitive agricultural, residential and tourism development that is expected to utilize the available water resources of its catchment in a sustainable manner. 

The site contains several natural drainage systems and a complete sub water catchment, giving the developer control of surface water management on site. the drainage systems are prominent design features of the master plan. 

Enviro pro was appointed to provide sustainable drainage and bio-engineering consultancy services for the development. Bio-engineering methods were proposed in areas where natural slopes were altered and the natural vegetation was disturbed such that soil erosion was minimized. 

Key design concepts include:

  • Hydrology and hydraulic assessment - To become a sustainable drainage system, critical hydrological, hydraulic and ecological aspects were used as a basis to define strategies for development. This also considered overall trends of development in the project site as well as its effects on the hydrology. 

  • Bio-engineered slope - Rock chamber mattresses were proposed to be used to stabilize the slope of a river in Pos Sigar. Re-greening was also done on the bio-engineered slopes. 


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