2015 Ecological/Biodiversity Impact Assessment for the erection of border fence at Tanjung Irau

Enviro Pro conducted a Biodiversity Impact Assessment in response to proposed construction works by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Police Coast Guard) along the coastline of Tanjung Irau and Yishun Avenue 1 Training Ground (an approximately 5.3km stretch).

Construction activities in environmentally sensitive areas such as land-water interfaces that are lined with marshlands, mangroves and other critical habitats could potentially lead to disturbances and damages to these environments. The study helped to determine the optimal arrangement and design of the fence to minimize impacts on the biodiversity of the Mangrove and Coastal Ecosystems in and around Tanjung Irau in Northern Singapore. 

This BIA included a Physical Environment and Ecological Baseline Analysis for Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems, Direct and Indirect Impact Analysis, Mitigation Measures and Environmental Monitoring Plans.

P2261317_Nerita lineata - Common Nerite
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